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We stand beside our clients in every aspect, delivering services rooted in value, ethics, and quality. Our ambition is to be at the forefront of the legal industry.

We realize our objectives by providing practical and innovative legal solutions that significantly impact our clients’ cases. We navigate our clients through challenges, applying our expertise at every juncture.

Our strength lies in crafting solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, advising them at every turn.

Our lawyers in Beirut and Dubai are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs by crafting tailored solutions and providing expert advice.

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Legal Practice Areas

Corporate Law

Our practice encompasses the full spectrum of corporate services. This includes the incorporation of companies, protection of directors’ and shareholders’ rights, drafting of articles of association, and documentation of board meeting minutes. We possess expertise in advising on the optimal type of corporation suited for your business and its ideal structure.

Beyond establishment, we manage and administer assets, and furnish a comprehensive suite of legal services like business agreements, contract drafting, and debt recovery.

Samir Khalaf Law Firm Corporate Law
Banking and Finance Legal Services

Banking & Finance

Our seasoned team specializes in representing banks and other financial institutions. We expertly draft and prepare business agreements and contracts, and offer guidance on debt recovery from creditors. Central to our services is the swift recovery of unpaid debts while ensuring the protection of rights.

Furthermore, we are well-versed in regulatory compliance, fiduciary operations, securitizations, payment services, e-banking, data security, and risk management. When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, we not only assist clients in securing appropriate financing but also provide comprehensive guidance—from drafting to negotiating and finalizing M&A contracts.

Civil Law & Real Estate

Our expertise in civil law encompasses a comprehensive set of rules that govern contractual rights, obligations, and individual litigation, especially within agreements and real estate sectors. We adeptly handle property administration, managing relationships between property owners and tenants, and overseeing the transfer of interests in real estate.

Our suite of services also covers real property financing, including the formulation of relevant documents, loans, and transactional activities such as purchases, sales, and leases. Notably, our dedicated services extend to clients even outside of Lebanon.

Civil Law and real estates Lebanon
Legal services for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law

With over 32 years of experience at the Lebanese Courts, our law firm boasts a dedicated bankruptcy specialist. Our commitment and proficiency in bankruptcy practice set us apart from other law firms. Clients seeking bankruptcy protections will greatly benefit from our combined legal and financial expertise.

More than just guiding you through bankruptcy proceedings, we provide invaluable advice to potentially prevent the need for filing, understanding its serious implications.

Family Law

In the realm of family law, our services have assisted numerous families navigating difficult challenges. As a trusted name in the legal profession, we stand by your side during trying times, whether it’s navigating the intricacies of adoption or ensuring the best interests in child custody cases.

We are committed to offering robust and protective representation for your family members in all judicial matters. Especially in complex procedures like adoption, the expertise of our seasoned lawyers proves indispensable.

Family Law Lebanon
Criminal Law Lebanon

Criminal Law

With over 40 years of expertise in criminal law, our law firm delivers comprehensive legal services, from initial consultations to robust court representation. We steadfastly defend individuals and entities under investigation or facing criminal accusations. Our capability extends to representing all parties in a criminal court — be it the prosecutor, defendant, injured party, or any other involved entities.

With a meticulous approach, we craft strategies, formulate arguments, and develop defenses, all aimed at asserting our client’s innocence or mitigating the potential sentence.

Labor Litigation

With a solid background in labor litigation, our law firm stands out—highlighted by one of our lawyers’ tenure as the general counsel at the Ministry of Labor for two years. We advocate for employees confronting workplace challenges and financial burdens. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of employment issues, with a particular focus on violations of labor law by employers.

We empower our clients daily, offering guidance on labor relations conflicts and ensuring they’re well-informed about their legal rights. Additionally, we provide counsel to employers on fostering harmonious relationships with both their workforce and the government.

Labor Litigation Law Practice Area
Legal services for startups


The startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving, with burgeoning projects and increasingly sophisticated legal and financial structures. These innovative ventures encounter myriad challenges, particularly in their initial phases, underscoring the importance of meticulous legal oversight.
We are committed to guiding startups through pivotal stages of their journey. From inception to fundraising, we assist in creating a company structure tailored to the startup’s unique profile and needs.

Our services encompass protection for founders through shareholder agreements, intellectual property protection, and guidance in relationships with investors, employees, clients, and business partners. We also ensure compliant processing of personal data among other essential legal considerations.

Legal Tech Lebanon


KAP Law Firm offers specialized guidance to clients for their IT endeavors, ranging from the setup of basic software suites to intricate IT projects. We also collaborate with key players in the digital sphere, lending our expertise to e-commerce ventures in particular. Benefit from watertight contracts meticulously crafted by our LegalTech experts.

Whether it’s computing, software, or digital-related, our specialists in intellectual property and new technology law stand ready to assist you, ensuring your tech projects are both negotiated and secured optimally.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property safeguards the essence and value of inventions, innovations, and unique creations. At our firm, we work diligently across all facets of Intellectual Property to shield, augment, and champion your invaluable assets — be they technical innovations, trademarks, or aesthetic designs.

Our approach to intellectual property is both comprehensive and strategic, positioning our expertise as a pivotal catalyst for a company’s growth. This commitment is underpinned by our elite, multidisciplinary team comprised of lawyers, engineers, and science PhDs, each specialized in the nuances of intellectual property.

Intellectual property law Lebanon
Investment law Lebanon


KAP Law Firm boasts significant expertise in international investment and divestment transactions. We lend our comprehensive skillset to investors during both the project structuring phase—analyzing legal and tax concerns, performing due diligence—and the execution phase, which encompasses the drafting and negotiation of legal documents and the finalization of related legal procedures.

Beyond this, we consult with companies across diverse industries, guiding leadership and shareholders alike. Whether it’s for acquisition or divestment of assets or for parties aiming to consolidate their financial investments within Lebanon or overseas, our firm remains a trusted advisor.


At KAP Law Firm, our seasoned tax lawyers offer comprehensive advisory and manage tax litigation for entities ranging from large corporations to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as prominent figures in the business arena. Our services include tax audits, guidance in declaration drafting, assistance during personal tax situation verifications, support in accounting verifications, and facilitation in the regularization of foreign bank accounts.

Taxation law Lebanon
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