Real estate laws in Lebanon
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The Transition of Real Estate in Lebanon

Lebanon is distinguished from other countries, by the discretionary power of the individual to dispose of its properties and register it in the Land Registration, documented with private records of each property.

Each property can be transferred from person to person by selling it directly by the property owners through contracts signed at the notary, or by a legal agent whose power of attorney allows him to sell, collect its price and pay his financial fee. Then, the contract is deposited at the land registration services for execution and registration of ownership on the new owner’s name. There are documents and procedures for each property in order to complete the registration (we will return to it later).

The real estate is also transferred by inheritance from the deceased, who has a husband/wife and/or children, and each has a certain proportion in accordance with their confessional system.

Therefore, the property transfer on the names of the heirs after the completion of the financial transactions and submission of the necessary documents in order to finalize the registration.

Real estate is also transferred by gift or bequest. Each has a specific registration procedure for execution at the Land Registration services in Lebanon.

For all the above, this topic has details that can be explained later, because of the precision of the execution of real estate transfer contracts, due process and its ratification by the Registrar after examination.

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